Welcome to the Pratyaksh Ayurveda. We would like to thanks you for joining http://pratyakshayurveda.com/. We care(s) for you and understand how your information is important. This privacy policy is designed for the users who trusted us and shared their personal details with us. Pratyaksh Ayurveda is a trusted online Ayurveda PG preparation platform for the students. We request all the users to read our “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” before subscription.

When you enrol with us it means you are agreed with our privacy policy and fully aware of how we are using your data.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

After enrolment it’s clear that user have read and agreed for the privacy policy and this will affect in a time of payment. Moreover, they consent to their information being collected, stored, used, and disclosed as described during this Privacy Policy. All previous notices and statements regarding our privacy practices with reference to the Service(s) are superseded by the provisions contained during this Privacy Policy. you'll choose to not access or use the Service(s) if you are doing not comply with every provision of this Privacy Policy.

We can update privacy policy time to time without any prior notice, subject to applicable law. Those changes will applicable to all members.

Data Collected by us

  1. Once you register with us, we will collect certain data from you which is directly entered by you. In such data we get your personal information and academics information with respect.
  2. At a time of registration, we ask you to enter your name, phone number and email id, with all this details we create your profile.
  3. Accept this information we collect our website/app users’ cookies. Such data includes your time spent in website/app, clicks, how many times you visited our online platform, IP address, browsers you use, and more.
  4. Some of data like your name and academics number will be visible to all website/app users because we are providing online mock test in that user need(s) ranking and its’s based on academic’s marks.
  5. When you make a payment using UPI, credit card, debit card and wallets etc. We ensure you Pratyaksh Ayurveda never store any sensitive data of user or cookies.

Data Uses

Data is given by you after accepting our policies is used for various purposes. Pratyaksh Ayurveda uses your data in in obedience with the law and aims at ensuring that none of the info gets misused for any illegal purposes. the main role of this data collection is:

  1. We may use your personal details for the purpose of operating solutions you have requested.
  2. To create your premium members profile and purchase history.
  3. Managing your and administrations relation with Pratyaksh Ayurveda.
  4. To send newsletters and other communications.
  5. Updates and latest news regarding your requested service.
  6. To recognize you are our existing user
  7. To generate your report or exam certificate


At Pratyaksh Ayurveda, your security is of prime importance to us and that we make it an endeavour to require all important measures to make sure maximum data protection from our end. Unfortunately, it's impossible to ensure one hundred pc security under all circumstances. Also, to make sure maximum security, we require your co-operation also. Therefore, don't share your ID and Password with any person. If you are feeling there's any suspicious activity happening in reference to your account, inform us at the earliest. We'll not be responsible for any loss caused due to the delay on your end.

Your Rights

We understand how important your data is to you and for this we offer you certain rights in reference to the utilization of your data by us. The user shall have the proper to cop out of any event or promotional challenges or competitions being offered by us. you'll always reach bent us and make individual requests in reference to the utilization of your data. However, it shall be our discretion on how such requests are entertained.

Information Sharing

We ensure you; we never share your personal details with any third party. But when it’s requested by (i)any court or (ii)any governmental agency or (iv)person for verification of identity or for (v)any investigation by govt. or for (vi)any prevention we have to share with the law. If we share your information with in all this case trust us user, we are doing this for your good. If you disagree with this “Information Sharing” policy you can terminate your registration and leave. Such kind of disclosure(s) are reasonable and authenticated for enforcing this privacy policy with the applicable laws.

Contact Us

We have appointed a grievance officer Varun who is liable for overseeing questions associated with our Privacy Policy. If you've got any questions on this Privacy Policy, including any requests to exercise your legal rights, please contact Varun or email at: epratyakshayurveda@gmail.com